Anish Sheth, MD 

Anish is currently a gastroenterologist in Princeton, NJ. His obsession with poo can be traced back to childhood conversations regarding bowel movements held at the family dinner table. 

He lives in Princeton, NJ with his wife and two children and is happy to report that his diaper changing days are behind him.

Josh Richman

Josh was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA to a family with a rich history in the plumbing industry. His great-grandfather, his maternal grandparents, and two of his uncles were in the plumbing supply business and Josh fondly remembers the days he spent in high school working at the family plumbing supply store.

After graduating from high school, Josh attended Brown University where he became friends with his then-classmate, and now writing partner, Anish Sheth. After a stint working in Washington, DC, Josh moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he now lives with his wife and two kids